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Security Consulting Service

Mirades Security offers a unique and powerful combination of converged security services. Thanks to our wealth of varied experiences, our clients receive customized consulting to solve their unique security challenges. 

Moreover, our risk management framework identifies risks related to organizational objectives, and produces cost-effective response strategies and tangible, validated results.


Mirades is well versed in the Government of Canada’s Physical Security Directive and ensures the delivery of valuable services, structured around their schedule and budget.

Mirades also holds an agency licence in security consulting from the Private Security Bureau of Québec. We are also an approved physical security assessment provider for Public Services and Procurement Canada.


The Mirades Security team is specialized in the following sectors:

  • Risk and threat analyses
  • Risk mitigation
  • Emergency measures
  • School safety and security
  • Event security
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mining industry 
  • Construction industry
  • Agricultural industry
  • Railway security 
  • Transportation security (C-TPAT)
  • Port security (ISPS Code)

On Demand Services

In addition to our comprehensive consulting service geared towards customers seeking support for their long-term scope projects, we also offer the option of selecting one or more of the services listed below, in order to meet your more targeted needs. 

Threat & Risk Assessment

A threat and risk assessment (TRA) is a critical tool for understanding the various threats to your organization, assessing the level of risk your organization is exposed to and determining the effectiveness of security controls in place within your organization. Mirades’ TRA methodology is based on industry best practices, notably ISO 31000 and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) Harmonized threat and risk assessment (TRA) methodology. The threat and risk assessment includes the: • Identification of assets • Identification of threats and natural or human-caused hazards that could damage or interrupt operations or cause an accidental or deliberate data breach • Analysis of inherent risks • Assessment of the impact on business activities that could be affected by threat or hazard • Assessment of the likelihood of threats or hazards occurring Identification of all security controls in place at each facility • Analysis of the effectiveness of security controls in place and identification of any gaps • Assessment of vulnerabilities of each control against identified threats or hazards in order for residual risks to be reduced as far as reasonably practicable • Proposal of security controls to be implemented in order for residual risks to be reduced as far as reasonably practicable. • Proposed security controls could include suggestions for new measures/equipment/systems, modification/removal of existing measures considered to be inadequate/obsolete • Identification of residual risks following the implementation of recommendations based on your organization’s acceptable residual risk level threshold

Physical Security

Physical Security aims to protect and monitor your company’s physical assets and supply chain against a broad range of threats and risks. The resources devoted to protecting your physical assets depend on the risks you face. Prior to the implementation of a physical security program, a thorough risk assessment will be conducted to clearly identify the risks and determine the required mitigation measures. The Physical Security plan comprises: • A Security Risk Assessment and Audits • A Security Assessment Questionnaire • Security Design Briefs • Security Management Plans • Security procedures, post orders and directives • A Facilities, Offices and Projects Security Program • A Security Guards Management Program • A Supply Chain/Transportation Security Program • An Explosives Security Program • A Special Events Security Program

Cyber Security

The increasing reliance on computer networks and technologies is giving way to new loopholes within companies. It is important to develop and deploy initiatives that will protect your organization’s data by preventing illicit acts that may threaten technology-based operations. Mirades Security can help you identify and implement the technologies, processes and practices that will protect your networks, computers, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. Mirades can also assist in determining your organization’s overall information security posture, through cyber security audits, consisting of a hybrid approach aligned to best practices in information security and security architecture. Our methodology is based on industry-recognized frameworks, namely the NIST cybersecurity framework and ISO 27001, as well as certain practices of the COBIT 2019 framework to optimize our holistic analysis. Mirades Security is pleased to offer a full suite of strategic cyber security services tailored to both governmental and corporate clients, which protect personnel, assets, and reputation. This includes the development of your organization’s cyber security plan, consisting of: • A comprehensive cyber risk assessment • A cyber security strategy • A protection plan for valuable assets • An information protection policy • Process protection and controls • Protection of intellectual property


Mirades Security offers training on the full range of our services. Courses are specifically tailored to your needs and can be offered on-site or off-site.

Security Program Audit

Mirades Security offers methodical and holistic security program audits to organizations. This evolutionary assessment is tailored to your needs, abilities and risk tolerance. The audit is conducted in a consultative manner, in close cooperation with the organization’s management and security teams. Mirades Security’s extensive leadership, managerial and security expertise provides your organization with an impartial, independent, and comprehensive checkup that carefully aligns security and security risk controls with your mission and vision.

Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights

In 2000, an initiative of governments, companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) established the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR), to help companies anticipate risks and implement security arrangements that protect people, assets, and reputation without excessive force or human rights abuses. By implementing the VPSHR, companies demonstrate their commitment to respecting human rights wherever they operate. Through a tailored VPSHR program, Mirades Security assists companies in ensuring all aspects of their security management are aligned with the VPSHR. This comprises: • A Risk Assessment • The evaluation of security arrangements with respect to use of force and human rights • A review of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the VPSHR • Guidance on engaging public and private security providers • Advice on proportional and necessary use of force • VPSHR training • The development of key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess VPSHR implementation

Personnel Security

Mirades Security helps you make informed decisions that will cost-effectively protect your employees. Security incidents are occurring in locations where we could not have imagined until recently. As a result, employees and their family members are becoming increasingly worried about their own safety. A robust Personnel Security plan will help mitigate the threats to our people and help restore a sense of confidence. Personnel Security prepares, informs, and protects the workforce in the event that their personal security is at risk. The Personnel Security plan comprises: • A Travel Security Program including pre-travel briefings on risk, security advice, and emergency planning • Travel tracking and an emergency hotline • Post-travel debriefings and trip reports • Event security • An Expatriate Security Program • A High-Risk Personnel Protection Program • A Workplace Violence and Harassment Program • A Missing People/Kidnapping Program • A Human Rights Compliance Program • A Pandemic Security Plan

Rail Security

Rail security is vital to safeguarding the integrity of railway systems, protecting passengers, and maintaining the flow of services. Mirades Security provides comprehensive and innovative security solutions that protect against evolving threats, promote operational resilience, and uphold the highest standards of security and compliance of every aspect of the rail system. Mirades Security is committed to fundamental guiding principles: Securing the Journey: We strive to create a secure and welcoming environment for passengers and staff, instilling confidence in the security of rail travel. Protecting Critical Infrastructure: We protect railway assets, tracks, stations, and terminals against deliberate and intentional acts, ensuring uninterrupted service. Mitigating Risks: We conduct robust threat risk assessments and develop tailored security measures to proactively mitigate potential vulnerabilities, enabling the seamless flow of people across rail networks while securing the future of rail travel. Leveraging Technology: We harness cutting-edge technology, from surveillance systems to AI analytics, to enhance security measures and response capabilities. Empowering our Partners: We collaborate closely with rail operators, agencies, and authorities, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain security excellence. Adapting and Evolving: We remain vigilant in monitoring emerging threats and evolving security landscapes, adapting our solutions to stay ahead of challenges. Compliance and Integrity: We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring our security solutions align with industry regulations and best practices.


Mirades Security team members have worked at all levels of intelligence operations: strategic, operational, and tactical. They have led the development of innovative, intelligence-based solutions for police and security operations in the public and private sectors. Mirades Security offers complete Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) solutions tailored to your needs. Team members are specially trained and have the tools necessary to produce high-quality open-source intelligence products. Our intelligence services include: • Program and policy development • Social media monitoring and analysis • Location-based actionable intelligence from all major social media channels – with and without geolocation • Link analysis • Threat and risk mitigation recommendations based on real-time intelligence

Security Management

Security management encompasses a broad range of strategic activities. Security management allows you to maintain strong governance, create policies, standards, and operating procedures, align strategy with vision, and manage the performance of your security programs and activities. The elaboration of a security management plan is always done in a cooperative manner, in close collaboration with the organization’s management and security teams. Mirades Security’s converged solutions, combined with our extensive leadership, management, and security expertise, provide your organization with a turnkey control solution. Our Security management service comprises: • Security governance • A security management system • An awareness and Training Program • A threat and risk assessment (TRA) • Risks register • Personnel screening • A security intelligence program • Resource planning and budgeting • Performance management: key performance indicators (KPI), leading/lagging indicators • Implementation of functional performance measures

Business Resilience and Recovery

The multitude of unexpected events that could disrupt normal business activities cannot be ignored. Business Resilience enables your company to withstand these types of unplanned events by adequately preparing for, responding to, managing through, and recovering from any type of catastrophic event. Business Resilience and Recovery services include: • Emergency Response Plans (ERP) • Business Continuity Plans (BCP) • Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) • IT Disaster Recovery Plans (IT DRP) • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

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