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Service-Conseil en Sécurité

Mirades Sécurité offre une combinaison unique et puissante de services de sécurité convergés. Grâce à notre expérience riche et variée, nos clients bénéficient d’un service-conseil personnalisé qui répond à leurs problématiques de sécurité uniques.

De plus, notre cadre de gestion des risques cerne les risques liés aux objectifs organisationnels et permet de produire des stratégies de réponse rentables et des résultats tangibles et validés.


Mirades maîtrise la Directive sur la sécurité physique du Gouvernement du Canada et assure une prestation de services de valeur pour ses clients, structurée en fonction de leur échéancier et de leur budget. 


Mirades Sécurité détient également un permis d’agence en service-conseil Bureau de la Sécurité privée du Québec. Nous sommes également un fournisseur d'évaluation de la sécurité physique approuvé par Services Publics et Approvisionnement Canada


L’équipe Mirades Sécurité est spécialisée dans les domaines suivants:  


  • Sécurité portuaire (Code ISPS)

  • Sécurité ferroviaire 

  • Sécurité des transports (C-TPAT)

  • Sécurité publique

  • Mesures d’urgence  

  • Mesures de sûreté en milieu scolaire

  • Industrie pharmaceutique 

  • Industrie minière

  • Industrie de la construction

  • Industrie agricole 

  • Secteur evénementiel

Threat & Risk Assessment

A threat and risk assessment (TRA) is a critical tool for understanding the various threats to your organization, assessing the level of risk your organization is exposed to and determining the effectiveness of security controls in place within your organization. Mirades’ TRA methodology is based on industry best practices, notably ISO 31000 and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s (RCMP) Harmonized threat and risk assessment (TRA) methodology.

Physical Security

Physical Security aims to protect and monitor your company’s physical assets and supply chain against a broad range of threats and risks. The resources devoted to protecting your physical assets depend on the risks you face. Prior to the implementation of a physical security program, a thorough risk assessment will be conducted to clearly identify the risks and determine the required mitigation measures.

Cyber Security

The increasing reliance on computer networks and technologies is giving way to new loopholes within companies. It is important to develop and deploy initiatives that will protect your organization’s data by preventing illicit acts that may threaten technology-based operations.


Mirades Security team members have worked at all levels of intelligence operations: strategic, operational, and tactical. They have led the development of innovative, intelligence-based solutions for police and security operations in the public and private sectors.

Security Management

Security management encompasses a broad range of strategic activities. Security management allows you to maintain strong governance, create policies, standards, and operating procedures, align strategy with vision, and manage the performance of your security programs and activities.

Personnel Security

Mirades Security helps you make informed decisions that will cost-effectively protect your employees.

Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

In 2000, an initiative of governments, companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) established the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR), to help companies anticipate risks and implement security arrangements that protect people, assets, and reputation without excessive force or human rights abuses. By implementing the VPSHR, companies demonstrate their commitment to respecting human rights wherever they operate.

Business Resilience and Recovery

The multitude of unexpected events that could disrupt normal business activities cannot be ignored. Business Resilience enables your company to withstand these types of unplanned events by adequately preparing for, responding to, managing through, and recovering from any type of catastrophic event.


Mirades Sécurité offers training on the full range of our services. Courses are specifically tailored to your needs and can be offered on-site or off-site.

Security Program Audit

Mirades Sécurity offers methodical and holistic security program audits to organizations. This evolutionary assessment is tailored to your needs, abilities and risk tolerance.

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